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Video surveillance is the backbone of any effective security system. Whether it is CCTV or a DVR system , the quality of its connection will govern the quality of footage. Most security cameras come with specified installation requirements. But few understand the importance of Security Alarm Cables for the effective functioning of the equipment.

Without undermining the significance of a good security camera, even the best camera won’t do you any good if you use improper security alarm cables with it. People tend to blame their surveillance equipment when they get grainy pictures. Most times the blame is misplaced. It is the quality of the cable and its connection that needs looking into.

Coaxial Security Alarm Cables

There are two basic types of security alarm cables used for video surveillance. The coaxial cable is the preferred and most common type. It’s engineered to handle the complete range of video frequency of CCTV and does so without missing a beat. This ensures that there is minimum risk of distortion that comes with frequency changes or lost feed, making it ideal for security video purposes.

You still have to deal with selecting a type of coaxial cable too. There are quite a few to choose from , and making the right selection is vital for enhanced video transmission. What you don’t want is to get everything correct except this and have your video quality suffer for it. Your camera model and transmission equipment will dictate which cable is best.

Cat5 Cables

The other type of security alarm cable that can be used in video surveillance is the Category 5 (Cat5). The Cat5 is not the best choice of CCTV connections, but you can make them work if you are looking for a low cost alternative to coaxial cables. You will need a twisted pair of Cat5 cables in place of the coaxial cables to do the job.

The functionality of Cat5 is somewhat limited. They don’t work at long ranges and there is always a risk of distortion. Their maximum reach is 1,000 feet for black and white videos or 600 feet for color transmissions. Cross that distance and you can expect your transmission to face all sorts of problems.

One benefit that Cat5 does have over coaxial is that although they are of similar size , Cat5 is much more flexible. It can twist around tricky bends easily and so it is easier to install.

Security Alarm Cables Made in the USA

No matter which type of security alarm cable you want, keep an eye on the quality that you buy. You want high-end cables from a manufacturer who is willing to go the extra mile and make sure you get the best value for money products. Electric Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS) are it.

Since 1994, we have been providing our customers with unparalleled service all across the board. All of our products are made in the US and we take pride in the fact that we put quality over anything else. When you go with EWCS , you can go ahead with confidence that your electrical connections are in good hands. Call us on 800.262.1598 or contact us for more information.

Pre set modes like Sports and Night Portrait make it easy for us to just point and shoot. If you re new to photography, two of the most important things to learn are aperture and shutter speed settings as these will give you a lot of creative control. If you re wondering which cameras have these settings, some digital compacts have them while most of the bridge (prosumer) cameras do and all SLRs have them.

At first it seems a little daunting to start using manual camera settings , but the vast improvement in your pictures will be worth the effort.

Photography 101 锟?Introducing Aperture

The aperture of a camera works a lot like how the iris of a person s eye works. Similar to your irises and how they widen or narrow to let in more or less light through the pupils, the camera s lens diaphragm narrows or widens to let in less or more light in through the lens. The aperture is the size of this opening.

Aperture allows you to increase or decrease the amount of light that reaches the sensor and therefore helps determine how dark or light the picture will be.

The camera aperture also controls the image s depth of field.

To better understand how this works, make a fist with your hand and hold it in front of your eye. Then gradually open your fist. Notice when the opening in your hand is small everything you see is in focus? But when your fist is open wide , the object closest to you is sharper than the background?

A small aperture is great for taking pictures like landscapes where you want everything in focus.

When you use your camera s Aperture Priority setting you can set the aperture to whatever f stop number you want. These numbers represent ratios, and the larger the f stop number, the narrower the aperture. So the larger the f stop number on your camera , the larger the depth of field.

The reason the setting is called priority is that when you set the aperture, the camera adjusts the shutter speed so that the exposure is just right. In other words, in the wider scheme of exposure , the aperture setting will have priority, while shutter speed plays a supporting role.

Photography 101 锟?Introducing Shutter Speed

While the aperture controls how much light at one time falls on the image sensor, the shutter speed controls the length of time the camera allows in the light.

You may have noticed how people in pictures taken in the 19th century rarely are smiling. Shutter speeds were so slow back then that people had to hold perfectly still for several minutes 锟?not to mention in all those stiff clothes they wore for picture day. No wonder they had such a serious loo.
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